We care about you and we care about great pizza.

Every single one of our pizzas are made fresh, from scratch, and are baked with love.  We pour our heart and soul into every pizza and that’s the secret ingredient.  Well, that and our amazing gourmet toppings.  And authentic Detroit style.  And our Lloyd Pans.  And actual secret sauce.  But, you know, mostly heart and soul.

The Pizza Story

Chef Axel (who goes by the title “Pizza Czar”), began making Detroit-style pizzas for friends and family.  All of whom proclaimed it the best pizza they’d ever had and demanded he make more.  A lot more.

Our CEO, Aaron, (who goes by the title “Pizza Dude”) knew Chef Axel was on to something special with these pizzas and over a few glasses of bourbon, Uncle Axel’s was born.

Pans, boxes, and ingredients were ordered.  Commercial kitchen space was procured, and business was rolling.

Turns out, they really were onto something.  Our amazing customers couldn’t get enough pizzas.  Pizzas were selling out almost instantly.  So more pans and ingredients were ordered, and bigger commercial kitchen space was procured.  Pizzas still sell out almost instantly.

Uncle Axel and the pizza crew bake as many pizzas as humanly possible (or more) every weekend in their ghost kitchen and love seeing their happy customers enjoy gourmet pizzas.

Our goal is always to serve our customers the best we can and are continuing to expand pizza capacity.  Uncle Axel and the pizza team constantly come up with new menu items, find ways to do pop-up events for the community, and are on the search for a restaurant location of their own.  Along with constantly ordering more pans and ingredients.

our values

We strive to serve with purpose and passion. From the moment our customers first interact with us to the moment they have their first bite of pizza and beyond, we want them to experience the highest quality of customer service and satisfaction from our staff, to our food, to our overall experience.

our vision

We want to bring the most delicious, most authentic, most delectable pizza our customers have experienced. We want our customers to find comfort in our locally-rooted business and to feel the authenticity and hard work we pour into every pizza.

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


The Uncle Axel's Team

A proud veteran-owned and operated business