We got pizza answers.

We operate out of a ghost kitchen (leased commercial kitchen space) in Southern Pines, NC.  By day it’s known as Thyme and Place Cafe and the address is:
155 Hall Avenue
Southern Pines, NC 28387

We’ve temporarily suspended our delivery service while at Thyme & Place Cafe. All orders will be picked up in the selected window during checkout. The Pick-up location is 155 Hall Ave, Southern Pines, NC 28387.

We have temporarily suspended our deliveries while cooking out of Thyme & Place Cafe.

Unfortunately, probably not.  We only bake on weekends (except for specials) and usually sell out well in advance.  We recommend planning ahead and getting your orders in as soon as they open at 7pm on Mondays!

All of our pizzas are available for pre-order only to help us meet the high demand.  Orders open on Mondays at 7pm for that week’s deliveries.  You can order by clicking the “order now” button at the top of the page or clicking this link.

We’re happy to do special orders for events and functions but our weekly menu is set with specific ingredients. We don’t currently offer gluten-free crust but the chef is always working on more menu options.
Our ingredients list and nutrition information is always available upon request.

All of our pizzas are 10″x14″, deep-dish and piled high with toppings in the original Detroit style.  Each pizza is cut into 8 slices and feeds 3-4 adults.  Most people tell us they’re full after 2 slices.

We’d recommend getting hungrier.  Or calling your neighbors.  But we also know the pizzas keep and re-heat wonderfully!  They’ll stay refrigerated for 2-3 days and also freeze well.  Just put your leftovers in an airtight container or wrap tightly in plastic wrap and BAM! breakfast pizza...

Who re-heats pizza? 😉 We recommend re-heating the pizza in an oven at 425-degrees for 6-8 minutes or until that cheese is nice and melty for best results.  But a few seconds in the microwave does the trick, too.


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